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Are you aware that cosmetic dentistry services are intended to repair the look of broken and damaged teeth? Even though there are many forms of damage that a smile can sustain, there are just as many services that await to correct all manner of damages or discolorations that may occur.

Are you informed about cosmetic dentistry? For more information about cosmetic dentistry, consider the following:

– Dental bonding fuses tooth-like materials to teeth for added protection, increased aesthetics, and a safer, healthier, smile.

– Dental bridges can replace lost teeth like dental implants, but without having to be attached directly to the jaw. Bridges can be held in place by linking to nearby teeth.

– Dental implants are a tooth restoration treatment that replaces lost teeth with artificial enhancements that are molded into your jawbone for a durable hold that can last a lifetime.

– Professional teeth whitening procedures can be used to bleach your teeth for a whiter smile with a bright shine.

– Dental veneers use a thin layer of material to attach to the fronts of teeth for a fully-customized look to conceal errors and upgrade the aesthetics of your smile.

– Dental crowns conceal and cap abnormal or broken teeth for increased functionality, a better -looking smile, and protection from future damage.

– Dentures are used to replace missing teeth with removable replacements that can look and function like natural teeth.

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