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Is your smile in need of a tooth restoration treatment? If so, dental crowns can be used to conceal or cover teeth for aesthetic improvements and to prevent further harm to the teeth. They can strengthen a tooth’s exterior to ensure the tooth can function for many years to come. Dental crowns are sure to please and to find out how consider the following benefits:

— Dental crowns can protect weak, damaged, and decayed teeth from further injury.

— Damaged teeth that are cracked and fractured can be held together with dental crowns.

— If you have a dental filling when there is not enough tooth left or the remaining tooth is not strong enough to support the filling, dental crowns can be used to cap the remaining tooth for support.

— Dental crowns can be used to hold, protect, or conceal other cosmetic dentistry services such as dental bridges, dental implants, and root canals.

— In some cases, dental crowns can be used when the damage to a tooth is so severe that other cosmetic procedures such as veneers are just not possible.

— It is possible that with optimum care and support, a dental crown could last a lifetime, but on average they will remain strong for at least ten to twenty years.

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