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Lifestyle choices often have several effects on your oral health. Although well-known cases such as using drugs or smoking tobacco are well-documented, another less talked about lifestyle choice is through the use of mouth jewelry. Although it may seem cool and stylish, be aware of the oral ailments that can arise as a result.

Common oral elements that arise from the use of mouth jewelry include damage to your teeth and gums. This can include lacerations, frequent bleeding, infections, tooth enamel wear, and tooth chips and cracks. Furthermore, if any parts of lip or tongue rings break off, they can easily become lodged in your throat and become a choking hazard.

Tongue rings can lead to permanent nerve damage when used. This is due to the insertion of the tongue ring into your tongue improperly. Furthermore, open wounds in your mouth can lead to serious infections including endocarditis and hepatitis. Avoid the ailments that come with mouth jewelry by exercising extreme caution with all forms of mouth jewelry.

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