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Do you know any common oral emergencies? An oral emergency is often characterized as any type of emergency concerning your mouth that often takes place completely by accident and occurs quickly. This can include severely bitten lips or fractured or dislocated teeth.

If you should suffer an oral accident such as a bitten lip, do not automatically assume it is a small inconvenience. Although most times a bitten lip will result in a small wound, the infection can still occur. Care and treat all open wounds with the same level of attention and care. If the wound is deep, it may require stitches.

Sometimes, oral accidents and injuries can result in broken or lost teeth. If a tooth is broken, clear any debris from the wound site and apply gauze until bleeding stops. If a tooth is knocked out, it may be possible to place the tooth back in your mouth with the help of your dentist. Do not let the tooth dry out, and place it in a liquid, preferably a tooth-saving product or milk. Immediately see your dentist so that he can once more place the tooth back in your mouth.

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